Friday, August 30, 2013

JewelMint Rebel Rebel Mystery Box

Jewelmint has several Mystery Boxes for $29.99.  You can find them by going to Shop > Browse all > Accessories.  They're guaranteed to have two pieces of jewelry and some lucky boxes may get 20 pieces!  Plus, at the beginning of September, everyone who purchased a mystery box will be emailed a special promo code.

Both pieces were packed into the same little box and mailed in a bubble envelope.

Bare Bones Necklace: ($29.99)  Oh, look, more gold jewelry.  I knew that was probably what I'd wind up getting, though, so I'm okay with it.  I really like this necklace, even though it's gold.

Urban Escape Bracelet: ($29.99)  I'm really on the fence about this cuff.  It looked cute in the box, but when I put it on it seems weirdly puffy.  Maybe it will grow on me, though.

Sure, I'm sad I wasn't one of the lucky few with 20 pieces, but I'm really happy with the necklace - and I'll probably wind up wearing the bracelet some too.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

True&Co Review #2

It's no secret that I adore True&Co.  I wanted to do another review post, though, because they've recently made a few changes.

As always, you take a short fit quiz to generate a customized boutique with styles in the right size for you.  They've added the ability to select your own size now - so if you know that you are definitely a certain size in Calvin Klein, for example, you can make sure that's the size you get.  You can select 5 bras (and any other panties, loungewear, or accessories you like) then pay a $45 deposit.  They ship your selected items to you and you have 7 days to try them on and decide whether you want to keep and pay for them (less the $45 deposit) or return them.  If you return everything, you get the deposit back as well.

My main issue with my first order was the shipping.  It was extremely slow and the tracking was almost nonexistant.  I was VERY happy to see that they've updated their tracking process - it's now essentially USPS tracking.

True&Co is having a MASSIVE sale now through Labor Day.  All of the bras except for one in my box below were less than $20.  Plus, if you use my referral link you can get $25 off your order.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Goodies Co

Goodies Co is a Walmart-run food subscription that is $7 a month.  They also offer a Kid's box.

Ojo Nectar: ($2.25) This is meant to help preserve your vision.  Oddly enough, this box came the day after I had an eye appointment.  I haven't tried it, yet, though.

Barnies Coffee Kitchen Pronto!: ($.99)  J and I use our Keurig for all of our coffee needs, but I'll keep this for the next time J runs out of his Hazelnut and whines about it. :)

Poplets Sea Salt & Butter: I don't understand why you'd buy a bag of semi-popped popcorn.  I guess some people must like them, but they're far too crunchy for my taste.

Tangy Zangy Twisties: These taste like the Sour Straws that I ate constantly when I was younger.  I don't know that Sour Straws are made with fruit juice, though.

Cosomi Cookie-Cracker: These little wafers are...odd.  They're sweet and salty and buttery and...odd is the only word I can come up with.  They're not bad.  Just...odd

Snyders of Hanover Garden Veggie Crisps: ($.83)  I haven't tried these yet, either, but I like chips and I like veggie straws so I see no reason why these would be bad.

While it wasn't *horrible*...this was far from my favorite Goodies Co box.  I think that if next month's box isn't rad, I'll probably ditch Goodies and try out another sub.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Lootcrate Review

LootCrate is a subscription box geared towards geeks and gamers.  You get 6-8 items for $13.37 + shipping.

This month was LootCrate's birthday month, so the theme was appropriately "Cake."

Jelly Belly Jellybeans: (~$.30) I mean, who doesn't love Jelly Bellys?  J ate them instantly then looked at me with a grin and said "Oh...did you want any?"

Portal Aperture Laboratories Bracelet: ($5.25)  J collects rubber bracelets like this, so he was happy go get this one.

Portal Aperture Laboratories Temporary Tattoo: (~$1) 

LootCrate Portal Stickers: ($1) LootCrate comes up with some pretty awesome themed decals.  They are also having a contest for the most creative use of these portal stickers.  Sadly, my creativity is coming up short.

Portal Aperture Laboratories Lanyard: ($8) J has a friend who really likes Portal, so I have a feeling that this might go to him. 

The Walking Dead Vinyl Figurine Mystery Mini: ($6.99) I'm ashamed to admit that J and I are behind on The Walking Dead.  Several seasons behind.  This little guy is pretty cute though.  Zombies can be cute, right?

Shirt.Woot! Caffeine Power Up T-shirt: ($18)  This shirt is perfect for J.  He's completely a caffeine addict.

Here's a better photo of the graphic.  I like all the different faces - basically all the phases of caffeine consumption.

J always likes getting his LootCrate - no matter what's in it.  I particularly like the months when they include Tee's.  Even though the box isn't for me, I get just as excited about it coming. :)

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Monday, August 26, 2013

August Barkbox Review

Barkbox sends you 4-6 goodies for your pup for $29 a month.  Your subscription is customized for your dogs size - small, medium, or large.  The box itself is super cute with this little dog cartoon along the side.

Stella knew the box was for her from the moment I pulled it out of the mailbox.

Hear Doggy Whale: ($9.99)  Supposedly, the squeaker in this is only audible to dogs.  Stella was super excited to get this.  She has a lot of toys that don't squeak, and she still enjoys those, so I'm not entirely sure if Stella can hear the squeaker.

She tried to carry him off by his tail before I even got the cardboard off of him. 

The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups: ($.99)  We got one of these in a previous Pawalla box. I made it into ice cubes and Stella LOVES them.  I think I'll save this packet for when it (finally) cools down so she can try it warm.

Barkworthies Bully Flakes: ($5.25)  This is a food topper.  I sprinkled a bit on top of Stella's dry food.  She was skeptical at first, looking at me like I was crazy for acting like it was a treat, but she devoured it once she actually tried it.

Primal Pet Foods Turkey Liver Munchies Treats: ($6.99)  These have no preservatives, gluten, grain, hormones, or antibiotics.  They're for both dogs AND cats too!

Barkworthies Natural Hickory Beef Treats: ($6.30)  Holy moly do these have a strong smell.  Stella ADORES them, though.  I like that they're tiny, so they're good for training.

The value of the box is pretty much right at the $29 cost.  Though, that's not including the value of Stella's excitement - which is totally priceless, obviously.

Of course, no dog sub box post would be complete without several shots of Stella enjoying the goodies.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Confessional

Last night I had an "I AM GOING TO EAT ALL HEALTHY FOODS FOREVER!!1!" moment.  I sat down with a couple cookbooks and made a nice long list of groceries.  This morning, I decided to use my phone to take a picture of my grocery list because usually I wind up leaving my lists on the counter.

I got to the grocery store and realized....

Oh, hey, my phone is still sitting on the couch.

Also - I went to a grocery store I usually don't go to and spent 3x as long as normal just wandering in circles.
Grocery shopping clearly just wasn't what I should have been doing today.

PS- After finishing my grocery shopping, I came home and sat outside to enjoy a 3 Musketeers bar and a Root Beer.  I'm totally winning at this healthy lifestyle thing.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Martha Stewart Living Glossybox Review

Glossybox currently has a one-time-purchase Martha Stewart Living Summer Entertaining Essentials.  It's $15 and claims to have a $50 value.

This card is really confusing.  The box was supposed to come with a 6 month subscription included, but this card offers two one year subscriptions - one for you and one for a friend - for $24.

Essentials Makeup Bag:  I have makeup bags for days, but this clear one will come in handy when (if) I travel.

Olay 4-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths: ($6.99)  I used to use Olay cloths back in the day when they were just 2-in-1.  They're great for travelling since you don't have to pack as many things - plus you don't have to worry about liquids leaking everywhere.

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen: ($9.99)  I've developed quite the stockpile of moisturizers, but I know I'll use it someday.  It's nice that it has sunscreen...I just wish the SPF was higher than 15.

Pantene Heat Potion Serum: ($5.95)  This serum protects up to 450 degrees.  As much as I abuse my hair, I really should start using heat protection.  

I'm guessing that they used the cover price of 6 months for Martha Stewart Living to get to the $50 value.  I really don't understand the subscription card, though, so I might contact customer service before I try to send it in.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Target's Cartwheel App. Trust me, you need it.

I should start off by saying, no...this isn't a sponsored post.

Now then.

I might be late to the party and every single person ever may already have this app.

If you don't, and you shop at Target.  Download Cartwheel.  It's available for Apple and Android.  (Fair warning, you will need a Facebook account to log in - but you can adjust your settings so that your activity in the app won't be public on your timeline.)

So why do I think you need it?  It has exclusive coupons for anywhere from 5% up to 30% off of items in store.  There are offers for things in every category - groceries, toys, clothes, etc.  The best part?  They work with Sales (but not Clearance)...PLUS you can also use one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon on the same item.

I'm not a coupon-savvy person, but I can certainly see potential here for the people who are.

(Un)fashionably (Un)fit

One of these days, I'm going to stop being lazy and make a little graphic thing for these posts.

Speaking of lazy...

Yeah.  4121 steps a day.  I'm not even going to make an excuse.

HOWEVER.  I did assemble an Ikea dresser, which my fitbit obviously didn't track.  I'm totally counting that as a workout.  My arms were sore the next day.  (Hush, it was hard work.)

The good news is that it's slowly getting cooler.  By cooler, I mean the highs are in the 90's instead of the 100's.  Still.  Cooler.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Conscious Box

Conscious Box sends you healthy and eco-friendly products every month for $19.95 a month.  They offer a regular box, a vegan box, and a gluten-free box.  You can review the products you receive for points, which you can redeem for full size products.

They ship as a box-in-a-box via USPS.

Every box includes a post card.  This month's isn't my favorite, but it's still really pretty.

Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Additive: ($.87)  We have a water softener, so we don't get may hard water spots.  J still used this in a load of glassware and it came out looking much clearer.

Stash Lavender-Tulsi Tea: ($.23)  I'm still trying to convince myself to like hot tea.  It's just not happening.  I have several friends who like it, so I usually force them to drink a cup when they come over.

MRM Digest-All: ($.50)  These alleviate gas and bloating and help your body absorb nutrients.  I didn't realize that my body was bad at absorbing nutrients?

Barbara's Organic Snackimals: ($.62)  Barbara's cereals are my favorite.  Puffins? SO GOOD.  These are like cinnamon toast crunch, but way, way better.

Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars: ($2.80)  They're meant for toddlers, but my non-toddler friend tried one.  It looks like a rice krispie bar, but doesn't taste like one.  He said it doesn't taste bad, but it is very certainly something you'd want to give to your kid with some milk or juice or something.

MRM Veggie Protein: ($.66)  Protein powders are very intimidating to me, but I do like that this one is veggie protein.  Hopefully it isn't horrible tasting.

Country Choice Organic Oatmeal: ($.62)  It's been too hot for me to crave oatmeal, so I haven't tried this yet.  Cranberry apple just sounds like a perfect fall flavor.

Actz Avocado and Shea Body Butter:  This lotion is pretty awesome.  It feels super nice and soaks in well, leaving my hands feeling soft but not slimy.  It starts out smelling strongly like watermelon laffy taffy, but it dies down into a more subtle scent.  They also included a 50% off code: Cbox4life

Sneakz Organic Milkshake: ($2.08) I got one of these in June box, too.  It doesn't taste bad, but it's certainly not thick enough for it to qualify as a milkshake. I think I might try using this one in a smoothie.  

Healthy to Go Go Greens: ($1.17)  I was totally stoked about this.  Organic? Healthy?  Green apple flavor? Sounds AWESOME.  Then I drank it.  Not so much.  I tasted the green, but not the apple.  And it was gritty.  Not my thing.

Sleep Squares: ($1.67)  These raspberry chocolate chews are meant to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.  I think I've said before that sleep medications knock me on my butt, but I might try this the next time stress has me awake all night.

Allimax Capsules: ($2)  These capsules are Allicin, which is made from garlic.  It apparently has several health benefits, and can improve your body's natural defenses.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Jellies: ($1.18)  Even though these gummy vitamins are intended for kids, J took them.  He said they didn't taste horrible, but they were super slimy.

The total value comes to a bit under $15.  Not the highest value box, but Conscious Box is great for introducing you to new eco-friendly brands.

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