Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015 Resolution Wrap Up

I had so much going on last year, I feel like I kind of forgot that I even made resolutions.  None the less, let's see how I did...
  • Read 40 Books: I fell pretty short, only hitting 29.
  • Declutter, Part Two: I did make some progress sorting through the junk in my garage, but I haven't actually gotten around to taking the big "donate" pile to Salvation Army.
  • 12 Things Uniquely Austin:  I honestly forgot that this was a resolution I made.  I might try it again this year.
  • Make Myself A Priority: Well, sort of.  I wanted to go to a doctor, optometrist, dentist, and hairstylist at least once.  I only did the optometrist and the hairstylist, but I did take a lot of steps to put myself and my own happiness first, which I am pretty proud of.

  • Blog Better:  Hah.  Um.  Nope.
  • 12 New Restaurants:  SUCCESS!  I managed to go to 12 new-to-me local places, and even fell in love with some of them. (*Cough*Bouldin Creek Cafe.)  The only downside the dilemma of where to eat is even harder because I have too MANY choices.
So...I could've done a bit better.
I completed one and made progress on two others so...yay?

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